Grout Sample Board

Are you or is someone you know in the middle of or considering a remodel project? There are so many facets once you dive into a project. I recently spoke with a general contractor, Scott Crawford from No Limits Construction based out of Camarillo, CA who sees a lot of remodel projects.

In our discussion of the local real estate market as related to construction, he mentioned a noticeable spike in construction activity.  This is understandable as not only have housing prices creeped up, but other areas of business have also been experiencing the same price increase throughout Ventura County. Along these trends, with remodels on the rise, I thought a tip on choosing grout colors, though a seemingly small detail in the grand scheme of things, would assist remodelers to nail the overall look desired!

Consider these tips and recommendations from in regards to selecting grout colors to achieve your ideal overall look and style. When choosing a grout color, the color very much determines what the tile will look like when finished.  As seen from the picture, the tile is the same, but why does it look so different in each option?  Whether working with Marble, Stone, Glass, Porcelain, or Ceramic tile, it may be wise to create a tile grout palette. You want to make the right choice the first time because a redo will likely not be an option.

From the example, you can see the black grout darkens the look of the overall glass tiles while the white grout (middle) brightens the look of the glass tiles. The last row, with a grayish color, neutralizes the look of the glass tile and blends the color of the tiles together.

Whether you are remodeling or having a contractor do the work, having a sample board is an easy way to pick out grout colors.  And as a bonus, you can also use the same sample board and brush on paint samples that will match the tile for your remodel.

Chris Chin |Broker

September 2, 2014


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